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How Burger 21 Came to “B”

In November 2009, Burger 21 came to be when the owners of The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc. envisioned a fast casual, “beyond the better burger” concept that featured 21 burgers with appetite appeal from the gourmet to the traditional burger lover. The founders saw an opportunity to introduce a higher-quality product in a rapidly growing foodservice category.

After researching and taste-testing hundreds of burgers, Chief Concept Officer Mark Johnston, and his wife and Concept Development Director, Arlene Johnston, created a restaurant that offered quality, premium ingredients, innovative recipes, and a varied, comprehensive menu. Essentially, this gave customers a gourmet experience without the gourmet price.

Burger 21 established a clear culture from day one. Best described by its creative "B-isms" – which range from “B-saucy” and “B-different” to “B-shaken” and “B-involved” – the B-isms are prominently outlined on the back of the menu, as well as displayed on the walls of the restaurant. Burger 21’s “B-isms” boldly state the brand’s values and what customers can expect from the food and service in its restaurants.

As part of Burger 21’s culture, the restaurant is committed to the communities in which it serves – donating 10 percent of net sales on the 21st of each month to a local charity. The charitable recipient changes every month and helps to create a connection between the community and its local Burger 21 restaurant and team members.



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