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Lin is an American, born in Palo Alto. His parents were born in Taiwan and he is proud to call himself a Taiwanese American. But his origins (and doubtless his tall genes) go back further, to a mainland China that is now claiming him as its own. The Christianity of Lin's family is not something picked cheap 49ers jerseys up in California it goes back to American missionaries in China at the start of the 20th century. Lin has said he may well become a pastor one day. One reason why he is a good point guard (I am told) is that he combines humility and generosity with his phenomenal dexterity. These for him are self consciously Christian virtues.

This explosive celebration of Chineseness comes at an interesting moment in American public life, sf 49ers jerseys cheap when a theme has been developing a modern version of the Yellow Peril. In a series of campaign ads, the Chinese have been colourfully portrayed as revelling in their ability to benefit from American decline. One little film called The Professor shows a Chinese class in 2030 being taught how the American empire came to an end, and how the Chinese benefited from American mistakes. The same theme appeared in a TV ad during the recent Super Bowl. A Chinese girl is seen cycling along a paddy dyke towards the camera. In broken English, she thanks the American people for policies that have benefited China at the expense of America. The ad was on behalf of a Republican senatorial candidate colin kaepernick jerseys sale called Pete Hoekstra. It prompted immediate outrage on the grounds of racism. Chinese Americans found it embarrassing and humiliating because it laughed at them for the difficulties they have in mastering English pronunciation.

Pleasingly enough, the ad seems to have proved a costly mistake for Hoekstra, and to have made people less cheap nfl jerseys wholesale likely to vote for him. Interestingly too, the young Chinese American actress in the film, Lisa Chan, issued an apology for her role in the ad and says it was absolutely a mistake to have appeared in it and that she hopes she will be forgiven "over time". Clearly it did not go down well in California, where she lives and hopes to work. She had "named herself" Miss Napa Valley in order, she hoped, to enter the 2012 Miss California competition. For the moment, though, she is notorious. She has disgraced her community. She is her own worst nightmare the shameful antitype to the cute, Christian and now stratospherically eligible Jeremy Lin.

With America threatening to run off the "fiscal cliff" of tax increases and spending cuts on Jan. 1, nba jerseys it risks repeating the mistakes of Europe. The folly of "austerity" composed mainly of tax hikes with less in the way of spending reductions has driven the economies of the Old World into the ground. We're next unless Congress keeps Uncle Sam out of Americans' wallets and takes a chainsaw to Washington's budget. Beginning next year, $136 billion of spending cuts are scheduled to take place according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). These include the mandatory sequestration of defense and discretionary spending resulting from the failure of last year's bipartisan "supercomittee" to agree on a 10 year plan to cut the federal budget by $1.5 trillion. buy discount nfl jerseys online They also include the end of unemployment benefit extensions and reductions in Medicare reimbursement rates. Keep in mind these aren't real cuts in overall government spending, but merely reductions in its rate of growth.

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