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President Barack Obama has won re election against Republican candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Holds Election Night Gathering In BostonBOSTON, MA NOVEMBER 07: Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney greets supporters as he concedes the presidency during his campaign election night event at the Boston Convention Exhibition Center on November 7, 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts. President Barack Obama has won re election against Republican candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. (Photo by Rick Wilking Pool/Getty Images)

America should be careful about who gets in The uncle of the accused Boston Marathon bombers got the boys right. They were unable to settle into American life, miami heat jerseys Ruslan Tsarni told reporters from his home in Maryland, "and thereby just hating everyone who did." He called the two brothers "losers." I prefer the term "weaklings." As the story thickens with detail, it would seem that the older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, now dead, was the ringleader. So let s concentrate on him. Tamerlan would seem the model of the mentally unfit immigrant. Here was an accomplished boxer who couldn t roll with the punches custom nhl hockey jerseys,authentic nhl jerseys of American existence. Fragile personalities often adopt grandiosity as a shield. Making peace with the kind of setbacks that ordinary Americans confront on a regular basis would have made Tamerlan ordinary. Hence, he took the well trod path of latching onto a radical where to buy cheap hockey jerseys,cheap nhl jerseys usa cause, in his case religious, to inflate his importance. It takes a whole lot of crossed wires to see blowing up a bunch of innocents as a remedy for what ails. And that s why Tamerlan s actual disappointments are so beside the point. "Life in America Unraveled for Two Young Men," reads a headline.

But by the measuring stick of human college basketball uniforms,cool nba jerseys suffering even at the higher American scale Tamerlan was doing OK. What were his unravelings? The boys father had a hard time in America making a living as an auto mechanic. The family lived for a while in subsidized housing. These were not unique cheap nhl jerseys china,hockey jerseys canada circumstances given the sorry state of the economy over the last few years. Tamerlan reportedly dropped out of college for money reasons. Well, so did. Then there was his boxing. Olympic team than succeed. By virtue of having become a Golden Gloves contender, Tamerlan would have been the envy of high school boxers everywhere. An assimilated American in his situation would have gone to the for a loan, set up a boxing school in the neighborhood and continued from there. We can well believe Tamerlan s statement about Americans, "I don t understand them."

A courageous man would have simply returned to a culture he felt at home in. Many immigrants do. This story bears strong resemblance to that of, the Pakistani in jail for trying to set off a bomb in Times Square. Like Tamerlan, he had obtained a green card. He had a wife, children and good jobs. But his real estate investments didn t pan out, and he lost his house to foreclosure. Had Shahzad made good money in real estate, we probably would have never heard of him. But he didn t, and rather than try, try again, he turned to radical Islam. Radical Islam provides fragile male egos a class of inferiors to feel superior to. That black nba jerseys,blank basketball jerseys would be women. One of Shahzad s solutions included pressuring his soon to be ex wife into wearing a hijab. At his sentencing, Shahzad puffed himself up, invoking the name of a Muslim warrior from the Crusades. The federal district court judge dryly urged him to spend the time behind bars pondering "whether the Quran wants you to kill lots of people."

America should be the nation of the second chance President Obama s unofficial pardon of quarterback was a fleeting story highlighting a durable problem. According to owner, nba jerseys Obama phoned to praise the Eagles for giving Vick a "second chance." "He said," russell wilson seahawks jersey,white russell wilson jersey according to Lurie, " It s never a level playing field for prisoners when they get out of jail. " That field is more level when trod by millionaire athletes, particularly those who throw 20 touchdowns in a season. But though Vick is not representative, he is symbolic. During the last few decades, America has engaged in a massive experiment in routine imprisonment. From 1975 to 1999, by one estimate, the criminal justice system grew five times more punitive. A nation with 5 percent of the world s population now has about a quarter of the world s prison population well over retro nhl jerseys,cheap bruins jerseys 2 million people. It has had the intended effect. At least a portion of the sharp reduction in violent crime during the 1990s can be traced to the isolation of habitual offenders for longer periods.

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