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When America learned about the subprime mortgage lending crisis, seahawks jerseys then watched the subsequent roll downhill of the national economy, widespread panic and unfettered fear led Congress to fork over $700 billion to the culprits who helped cause the problem. education crisis. High schools are graduating students who can barely read. Record numbers of teachers will soon retire. The Russians are gaining on us. nike roshe run premium eighth graders on the last TIMSS, or Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study which tests students in 54 countries and the United States on math and science Russian fourth graders made significant gains. counterparts, Dr. Department of Education, said Monday.

It has started. The morning news shows last Sunday showcased important analysis of the current state of education. But we're moving too slowly.The gap between the United States and Japan, for instance, on the international math/science where can i buy nike roshe run test is the equivalent of about 60 points, Gonzales said."That's quite a large gap," he said. "Some would suggest it is the equivalent of one to two years of learning in eighth grade." When does that become unacceptable for us as a nation, as a state?

I know it's hard in Michigan, where the Legislature was dragged into changing high school graduation requirements from a single civics class to a balanced curriculum that is standard in most states (and already used in most Michigan schools). It was like pulling teeth. nike roshe run for women One idea that has been floated around for some time would be to create West Point like academies to train some of the nation's best and brightest not best and brightest teachers, but best and brightest people to be teachers. presidents and scholars to continue America's reign as a superpower. Each state would get one. And the academy graduates, most of them PhDs, would be evaluated annually. Money also would be spent to ensure that no classroom in America has more than 20 students.

Oh, and in this new America, no state would have more school districts than counties. (Michigan has 83 counties with 550 school districts. Yes, we're finally paying attention. But now we must get scared. Only five places beat our eighth graders in math, and they were the usual suspects: Taiwan, nike roshe run women black Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. But eight places outperformed our fourth graders in math: Singapore, Taiwan, green roshe runs shoes sale online Japan, Latvia, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and England.And several countries that performed below the United States on the assessment are making rapid and steady progress. If we're not careful, they eventually could catch us, too. But I'm less concerned about global comparisons than I am horrified that we continue to do this to our children, and we don't seem to care. Fixing education in America has never been about what's right. We all know what's needed. It's been about what we're willing to spend. If we think Wall Street bankers are worth millions, aren't our children worth more.

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